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Your VR controllers will be shown in the VR environments if they are detected and tracking. The appearance will match the actual controllers used (currently only HTC vive and mixed reality - Oculus looks like HTC)

The only two buttons that are needed for KeyVR are the menu button and the trigger button.
The menu button launches the menu and the trigger enables you to handle the objects and switch between different appearances.

Menu button
Menu and navigation in the scene
Navigation in the scene
Trigger button

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To launch the menu, press and hold the Menu button, move the controller to the desired mode/state and release the Menu button to select a mode or toggle a state. See Fig 1.


Set the mode for the controller by selecting one of the top six items in the menu. The choice only applies to the controller from where the menu was launched - this allows you to e.g. select materials with one hand while the other can move objects.

(blue star) Take Screenshot

With this tool you can grab screenshots of what you see in VR, simply point the controller at what you want an image of, fit it into the frame and press the trigger to capture the image. You can zoom in/out by moving the joystick up/down (Oculus) or by holding your thumb on the top/bottom half of the track pad (Windows Mixed reality and HTC). All screenshots will be stored in the default image folder on your PC.

(blue star) Fly

Aim the controller in the direction you want to move and press the trigger. Control the speed by adjusting the pressure on the trigger. You can also rotate the view with a sideways swipe on the track pad or by moving the joystick sideways.

 (blue star) Teleport Body

The controller can be used to aim at locations on the floor, and the trigger button transports the HMD to that location. You can also rotate the view with a sideways swiping motion on the track pad or joystick.

(blue star) Move Object

When you aim at an object and the beam color changes from grey to green it means that the object can be moved. Aim at an object, press and hold the trigger to grab it and release it to drop the object again. If physics is activated objects have inertia, and can be thrown around. If the controller is aimed at the environment, then the environment can be rotated (unless it has been locked when the scene was set up).

A quick press in and out of the trigger while in Move Object mode will activate the Fine Move Object mode with a 3D widget for rotation and translation of the object. See Fig 2.

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(blue star) Switch Model Set

Each press of the trigger button selects the next Model Set. Press and hold the trigger to see/select between all available Model Sets. This will bring out a grid view of all options, where you can select the one(s) you want to see.

(blue star) Switch environment

Cycle through environments by pressing the trigger. You can also press and hold the trigger to show  all available environments in a grid layout. Move the controller and release the trigger to select the highlighted environment.

 (blue star) Switch Materials

When you aim at a part, and the color of the beam changes from grey to green, it means that the part has several material options (Multi-Material). Pressing the trigger button will cycle through the available materials. You can also press and hold the trigger to bring up all materials in the current Multi-Material in a grid layout (Fig 3). Move the controller to select between the options and release the trigger when the desired material is highlighted.

(blue star) Select Camera

The controller can be used to aim at cameras in the scene, and the trigger button transports the HMD to that location. The beam will always snap to the nearest camera position. To rotate the point of view, swipe sideways on the track pad or move the joystick in the direction you want to rotate.


Selecting on of the lower three entries will change the overall state of KeyVR;

(blue star) Animation.

Starts/stops the animation sequence from the BIP file

(blue star) Physics

Activates/deactivates physics. When physics is activated and the user moves objects around, they will behave as rigid objects under gravity.

(blue star) Object Info

When Object Info is enabled, the properties of the item you are pointing to, will be displayed next to the controller (and in the desktop UI).

(blue star) Reset Object Positions
Resets the position of all objects/animations to the default value.

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Fig 1. When the menu is triggered, the options will appear in front of you.
Move the controller up/down and release to select.

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Fig 2. The Fine Move Object widget that appears in Move Mode if you quickly flick the trigger button.

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Fig 3. Press and hold the trigger will bring out a grid view of the available options.