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  • Fixed an issue where new NVIDIA graphics drivers would prevent KeyVR from launching correctly (error message: "Failed to compile shaders")


  • Multi-user sessions with KeyVR Connect.

  • Measure Tool, which allows the user to make any number of measurements in the scene with optional snapping.

  • Precise Move Tool, which allows the user to move objects, without accidental jittering, on single axes or planes, with optional snapping.

  • Objects (in Precise or Regular Move Object mode) can be rotated in-hand while held.

  • Held objects (in Move Object mode) will now remain in-hand while the user is flying, teleporting or switching into cameras with the other controller.

  • Material baking, using a cache for improved load times. Baking allows KeyVR to support various material effects better, such as Labels.

  • The user can now rotate while teleporting by dragging a line.

  • The user can now define multiple ground levels through camera placement, and will stay aligned to the ground when teleporting in scenes with multiple floors.

  • Snapping for precise move tool, measurements and in-hand object rotating.

  • Selectable scene units, for measurements and snapping.

  • The user can now scale themselves between 1/1000x and 20x of their actual height, useful to inspect smaller scenes in more detail or adjust scenes with wrong scale quickly on-the-fly.

  • Memory optimizations, which allow KeyVR to load scenes with many more environments than before.

  • XR Mode, which replaces the scene environment with realtime camera imagery if available (supports Valve Index, Varjo XR product line and NVIDIA’s CloudXR 1.0 and 2.0 on mobile devices).

  • New licensing options (subscription, floating licenses, node-locked).

  • New accessibility options: Confine the VR user to the scene’s environment, to prevent accidental escape, and toggle controller vibration.

  • Support for using the mouse as a controller replacement when in VR mode, allows remote controlling of VR experiences.

  • Rotation in fly mode changed from swipe to normal analog stick move or button press, depending on controller, and increased angle, to allow for faster turning.

  • Fully customizable graphics settings, also includes presets: Ultra, High, Medium, Low.

  • Support for NVIDIA Variable Rate Shading technology on supported GPUs, which gives improved performance while maintaining high visual fidelity.

  • General UI/UX overhaul.