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If you are a KeyShot Pro user, you have the option to set up a configurator of your product. Here you can enable your users to configure the product, based on a selection of Model Sets and Multi-Materials, and make it available via KeyShot Viewer.

With KeyShotWeb you can also make your configuration available in a web browserKeyShot Web Configurator allows you to turn a Configurator created with KeyShot Pro into an interactive product configurator. Like KeyShotXR, a Web Configurator produces high-quality, touch-enabled, 3D content for use in any web browser, presentation software, or KeyShot Viewer.

The Web Configurator consists of still images of for each configuration. It will have The online Web Configurator has the same UI as user interface appearance as you see in Presentation mode /or KeyShot Viewer in terms of selecting the model variations etc. but it will not offer . However, the Web Configurator does not yet offer the 360 degree camera movement.

Rendering a Configurator for the web

  1. Set up the Configurator options as described in the Configurator Wizard page

  2. Launch the Render Dialog. You can find the Render dialog in the Toolbar, via the hotkey CTRL+ P (Windows) or CMD+P (MacOS) or via the Main Menu > Render > Render…

  3. Select the Configurator tab.

  4. Select the Web Configuration in Output Type.

  5. Give your Configurator a name, select destination folder and choose format and size.

  6. Render…

When the rendering is finished you will find a folder containing all the images and files needed to publish the configurator in a browser. Just open the .html file in the folder and you can start configuring the scene.

iBooks widget

You can also select to create an iBooks widget along with the web files. Just enable Create IBooks widget before rendering. The iBooks widget file (.wdgt) will be placed next to the folder containing all the files for the Web Configurator. See how you can embed the widget in an iBook here.

Updating an existing Web Configurator

If you have already rendered a Web Configuration once, and only made a few tweaks to the layout, the way the Model Sets/Materials are combined or to the thumbnails, there is no need to re-render everything. Simply enable Update layout and thumbnails of existing Web Configurator, point to the folder containing the web configuration and press Update Web Configurator. KeyShot will update .css/.js files or the iBook widget, depending on which configuration you have chosen to update.



Updating a web configuration will not detect changes to material parameters, geometry. If you have altered anything related to materials or geometry, you need to re-render the Web Configuration.

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