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New Features


  • Added option to switch between CPU and GPU rendering independently from Real-time view.

  • Added support for the Curve Color Randomize Utility node and the AxF material in GPU mode.

  • Improved GPU rendering method for better memory usage

  • Added CPU/GPU mode information to Render Queue details

  • Denoise rendering will no longer output Diffuse and Depth pass

  • Added option to reuse Real-time image aspect ratio for custom thumbnails in the Configurator Wizard.

  • Update Scripting to use Python 3.8

  • Added “Get Metadata” via Scripting

  • Added Scripting function to Spawn Browser dialog and retrieve data from it

  • Added a tessellation quality slider in DWG import

  • Added option to Flip Normals for Fuzz material

  • Generic material now uses radio buttons for the Anisotropic Direction

  • u3m materials now have ‘Use DPI for Size’ enabled by default

  • A warning has been added when the scene exceeds the geometry shader limit

  • Improved node arrangement in material graphImproved handling of Locked parts

  • Models can be added to favorites

  • Added support for 32-bit EXR HDRI files

  • .mov output will now use H.264 codec to ensure compatibility with MacOS Catalina

  • Various stability and UI improvements for Configuration wizard

  • Improved UI responsiveness on startup and and save

  • Real-time View is now paused while saving to ensure fast saving.

  • Files that are saved in performance mode will now open in performance mode again.

  • Fixed issue where Color profiles would not be applied

  • Attempting to render interior + custom control in GPU mode will now show a warning message

  • General stability improvements

  • General UI improvements and fixes

Noteworthy Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crashes when renderer runs out of GPU memory in GPU mode.

  • Fixed a number of bugs regarding legacy textures in GPU mode.

  • Fixed an issue where the optix driver would fail to initialize after a memory error.

  • Fixed an issue where a radial pattern would appear in GPU interior mode.

  • Render Layers are now supported on multi GPU systems.

  • Fixed issue where VDB volumes would shift in GPU mode.

  • Re-tessellate can again be applied to multiple parts.

  • Disabled light source preview when in presentation mode.

  • Added support for specular transmission on the advanced material when Fresnel is disabled.

  • Fixed crash when video textures had a duration of 0.

  • Scattering media now has consistent brightness in product and Interior mode.

  • Opacity is now handled correctly in Interior mode and does not add additional brightness.

  • Fixed a number of issues where caustics were incorrect.

  • Material Graph nodes are no longer re-positioned to outside of the visible area.

  • Improved stability for Complex Material Graph materials.

  • Fixed crash when searching for a deleted resource.

  • Configurator: Material order in Material ways is now correctly saved.

  • Fixed issue with positioning labels while in High DPI mode

  • Fixed an issue where aspect and resolution were not respected when panoramic lens is active.

  • Fixed issue where geometry appeared incorrect when importing .x_t files.

  • Fixed issue where .bip files from some plugins could not be imported only opened.

  • Fixed issue where environment would resize on import.

  • Importer can now import Creo files with ellipsoid.

..and other performance, UI and stability fixes and improvements.