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Grouping gives you the ability to organize the scene tree.

Add to Group

When you use Add to Group you can either add to an existing group or create a new group in the desired location.

  • Right-click the part or group (model) you want to re-group in the Scene Tree.
  • Select Add to Group - the Add to Group Dialog is displayed.
  • Add to existing: Select the group you want to add to and click OK.
  • Create new group: Select the group to which you want to add the new group and click New Group.
    • Name the new group and click OK.
    • click OK.

Add Sub-Group

When you are dealing with groups, you can also Add sub group, without moving anything immediately - maybe to be ready for drag and drop reorganizing.

  • Right-click the group (model) to which you want to add a sub-group.
  • Give the group a name.


Note: Reordering parts and sub-assemblies will disable LiveLinking and Update Geometry.

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