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Welcome to the KeyShot Pro Floating Installation Guide! This guide will walk you trough the installation process starting with the license management application: Luxion License Server (Windows & Mac) or lmgrd (Linux). You will then install and configure the client application: KeyShot! We have also included a list of features and add-ons, a troubleshooting guide, and licensing terminology with definitions.

Server Setup

Luxion License Server

Luxion License Server is the license management application for Mac and Windows

Windows Server 2008 and later.
Mac OS X 10.10 and later

Imgrd (Linux)

The lmgrd (Unix executable file) is the license management process for Linux.

You can also visit the Pro Floating Advanced Setup pages for help with manual setup.

All license management applications utilize the latest FlexNet licensing tools by Flexera Software LLC. KeyShot Pro Floating and Luxion License Server are both provided by Luxion Inc.

Client Setup

KeyShot 8 Floating Installation

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