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KeyShot Network Rendering can notify you, e.g. when your license is about to expire. To receive notifications, you must enable email inside the KeyShot Network Configurator on the master.

How to Set Up Email Notifications

1. Go to the Email tab inside KeyShot Network Configurator and enable “SMTP settings”.

2. Set up the details for the outgoing mail that the master will use for notifications.

  • Fill in Host and Mail Client Port. You can find this information in your email client settings.
  • You can enable TLS/SSL or leave it unchecked. If you do enable it, make sure to use ports 465 or 587.
  • Enable Credentials and fill in your username and password for the outgoing mail.
  • Click Check settings. The Configurator will check your email settings and provide you with a confirmation message.  
    Please consult your IT for any troubleshooting when setting up SMTP.

3. Enter the General email address, this will receive all general notifications (see which below).

4. Click Close and restart services. Your master service will restart and the email feature will be activated.

Mail Notifications

Network Rendering will notify the general email when

  • the license is about to expire
  • the license is expired
  • a job fails

Users who have entered their email in the account settings (in the monitor) will receive an email when a job is completed.

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