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KeyVR allows designers, clients, and stakeholders to easily view and manipulate models, scroll through model sets, multi-materials and virtual environments to make faster, better decisions.

  1. Prepare your scene - Import CAD files into KeyShot, create materials, environments, animations, cameras and save as a BIP (or KSP) file. Take into account the current KeyVR Capabilities. For more tips on setting up your scene visit the Scene setup page.

  2. Start KeyVR - Press the 

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    (blue star) KeyVR button in the KeyShot Toolbar (version 8 and forward) or launch the KeyVR application directly.

  3. Experience - Now you can inspect your 3D model in a photo realistic rendering, and make design decisions from the animations, multi-materials, model-sets and different environments. The 3D geometry can be inspected by walking around, "flying", teleporting, selecting predefined camera and manipulating the position and appearance of individual objects in the scene.

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Windows 7 / Windows 10


Recent Nvidia or AMD graphics card (Nvidia GTX 1080 or AMD Vega 64 recommended)


  • HTC: Vive and Vive Pro

  • Windows Mixed Reality

  • Oculus: Rift and Rift S

  • Varjo VR-1 / VR-2 / VR-2 Pro


Any KeyShot KSP or BIP file

Learn more about the requirements here.