KeyShot Network Rendering consists of three elements:  Clients, Master and Slaves. The figure shown below illustrates the interaction between each element. It is important to note that a computer configured as a master and/or as a slave may also act as a client.  In the master’s case, KeyShot 7 (the client application) communicates internally with the master service (keyshot_network_master.exe) which runs in the background.



  • Send job requests to master
  • Receive completed jobs from master
  • Save final output to specified location


  • Receive job requests from clients and place them in a queue
  • Divide each job into regions/sections
  • Assigns regions to each slave
  • Compile all regions into the final image, video, or KeyShotVR
  • Send completed jobs back to clients


  • Receive job regions from master
  • Render assigned regions
  • Send completed regions back to master