Inside KeyShot Network Queue, an administrator may log into his/her account from any master, slave, or client computer. Network administrators may access the user management system, add or remove accounts, and change privileges for each account.  In the instructions below, we assume that you have set up administrator credentials on your master.

How To Add/Remove Accounts

1. Inside KeyShot Network Queue, log in with your administrator credentials.

2. Click the triangle, then click User settings.

3. Click the Add (+) button to add or Remove (-) to remove a selected account. Note: The administrator can not be removed.

4. When adding an account, fill in the appropriate information, assign privileges, and click Create User.  The respective user can log in using his/her credentials.

How To Change Account Privileges

1. Select the account and enable/disable privileges.

2.  Click Update User and close the user system dialog when finished.

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