Slave Schedules

The slave schedules inside KeyShot Network Queue control the times and days in which each slave will be active or inactive. Network administrators may set the slave schedules by logging into his/her account from any master, slave, or client computer. In the instructions below, we assume that you have set up administrator credentials on your master.

The slave schedules window shows a list of slave computers along with each individual slave’s weekly schedule.  The schedule is made up of red and green blocks. Green means active, while red means inactive.  An active slave will use it’s processing power for rendering while an an inactive slave will not use any of its processing power for rendering.

Slave Schedule Presets

The slave schedule comes with two presets:  Always Active and Non Work Hours. However, you may create your own presets based on your rendering and processing needs.  For example, you may want a slave to become active only at the end of the work day.

How To Set A Slave’s Schedule

1. Inside KeyShot Network Queue, log in with your administrator credentials.

2. Click Slave Status.

3. Inside the Slave Status window, click Slave Schedules.

4.  Select the slave from the list and select a preset or click the 1-hour blocks to toggle active/inactive.


5.  Click Set Slave Schedule. Your slave schedule is now set!  If you wish to save your custom preset, proceed to step 6.


6. Once you have set up your schedule, you can click Save as preset to save a custom preset.


7. Name your preset and click OK.  You may now select this preset from the Presets dropdown.


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