Silent Installation

You or your IT department may wish to do a KeyShot Network Rendering silent install on PC. Please note that service setup is still required. To set up your master or slave services, click here. The KeyShot Network Rendering installer takes the following arguments.


/S – Silent installation.

/ALLUSERS – Install resources and shortcuts for all users.

/USERNAME - Install resources and shortcuts for a single user. The resources are saved inside the user's Documents folder.

/D – Set the program files destination. This must be placed at the end of the command line inside quotations


keyshot_network_w64_7.x.x.exe /S “/USERNAME=C:\Users\UserName\Documents” “/D=C:\Program Files\KeyShot7 Network Rendering”

Unattended Uninstall

C:\Program Files\KeyShot 7\uninst.exe /S _?=C:\Program Files\KeyShot7 Network Rendering