Material Library

Material presets are found in the KeyShot Library, Material tab. The material presets you see are all created using a KeyShot Material TypeEach library material has been designed to be easy to use with as few parameters as needed. For example, the Metal library materials use the Metal material type and will only display the parameters needed for metal materials. Likewise, the Plastic library materials use the Plastic material type will have only the parameters needed for plastic materials.

Standard Materials

KeyShot ships with nearly 700 materials ranging from cloths and leathers to metals and plastic. As mentioned above, all KeyShot materials use KeyShot material types. You can also use the library materials as a starting point to edit, copy and save your own materials.

KeyShot 7 Updates

The KeyShot Library has been completely updated to take advantage of the latest KeyShot material, texture and environment capabilities. Learn more about the new updates here.

KeyShot Cloud Materials

Thousands of KeyShot materials generated by Luxion, KeyShot partners and KeyShot users are available on KeyShot Cloud. You can access KeyShot Cloud from the far left side of the KeyShot Toolbar or at Learn more about KeyShot Cloud here.

Additional Materials

A KeyShot Content installer is available for KeyShot 7 users on both Windows and Mac. The installer contains materials with textures from Poliigon. Download the installer here:

Content Download

KeyShot 7 Content (Win) 700 MB
KeyShot 7 Content (Mac) 710 MB

Content Installation

After downloading, run the installer. During installation, the new resources will be added to your KeyShot Resource folder and visible in the KeyShot library, Materials tab. The new Poliigon folder will be added to your Materials folder.

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