System Requirements

Before installation, confirm that your system meets the necessary hardware and operating system requirements. You can view the system requirements here.

Installing Your License

The standard node-locked license of KeyShot can only be active on one machine at a time. However, you can transfer your license repeatedly between up to three machines of mixed platforms.

Automatic Install

When you receive your keyshot7.lic file save it to your computer. Next, start KeyShot, and select Install a license file (*.lic) and browse to the keyshot7.lic file. If your license fails to install, check to ensure you have full permissions set on your KeyShot 7 resources folder for PC, or full permissions set on the KeyShot application package contents for Mac.

Manual Install

When you receive your keyshot7.lic file, you can manually copy it to the Keyshot 7 resources folder on PC or Mac.

Transferring Your License

During the license transfer process, an internet connection is required. Once the license has been successfully transferred, KeyShot can run without being connected to the internet.

How to Transfer Your License

To transfer your license, ensure you are connected to the internet on the active machine.

  1. Start KeyShot and go to Help, Deactivate License on this Computer...
  2. Next, ensure the new machine is connected to the internet and KeyShot is installed. Start the software, fill out your information on the activation screen, and press Next.
  3. On the following screen you will be asked for your KeyShot serial code. Type in your information and press Next to finalize the activation.

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