License Server Installation (PC) - Automatic

The instructions below will walk you through the typical first-time license service setup. Our licensing team will provide you with a license file and the appropriate software links. You may reach our licensing team at If you already have a license server set up you can then make changes.

Automatic License Server Setup Instructions

1. Download and run the “keyshot_floating_license_server.exe” installer.  Follow the prompts and finish the installation.


2.  Launch the Floating License Configurator. Select Has received a license file from Luxion. If the configurator doesn't launch or if you receive an error, then you may perform a custom license service setup instead.


3. Click the Browse button () and browse to your license file in Windows Explorer.

4. Click Open. Your license file will be loaded into the configurator. Click OK.

5. A dialog will tell you that the server has started. Click OK. If you run into any errors here, then you may perform a custom license service setup instead.

6. Open the “debug.log” file inside your C:\FlexLM folder (this folder contains the licensing software). The debug log will reference your license file and tell you that the server started on your computer system.  If you don’t see any errors, then your license service is up an running.

Technical Tip: If your debug log does not look similar to the above image or if you are getting an error message inside Floating License Configurator, then you can use the troubleshooting guide for diagnosis or perform a custom license service setup. You may also contact Luxion Customer Support at for assistance.

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