KeyShot Pro Floating Installation (PC)

Now that your server is up and running, you are ready for the client setup. The instructions below will walk you through setting up your PC clients.  For setting up your Mac clients, click here

License Client Setup Instructions

1. Download and install the KeyShot Pro Floating application. To download KeyShot, click here.

2.  Launch KeyShot 7.

3.  Select Floating License. If you are currently in demo mode, then open the registration wizard from Help > Register License (PC) or KeyShot > Register License (Mac) first. Click Continue.

4. Specify the port number, followed by the “@” sign and the server’s hostname (for example, 27000@KeyShotServer.local). Click Connect.

You may also use the server’s IP Address (use the IP Address if your license server is a PC). For example, 27000@ Click Connect.

4. Review your license features and Click Finish

KeyShot Pro Floating will start.  From now on, KeyShot will remember the server information.  You will be able to check out the license as long as your system can connect to the computer acting as the license server.

Technical Tip: If your service status window does not look similar to the above image or if you are getting an error message when you start the server, then you can use the troubleshooting guide for diagnosis. You may also contact Luxion Customer Support at for assistance.

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