What's New

KeyShot 7 is our biggest release to date with more of what you love across five areas we've focused on to make the 3D rendering process faster and more flexible while providing more possibilities, more control and more ways for you to create.

More Ways to Create

Create the way you want right from the beginning. Use KeyShot Studios to set up different Camera, Environment, Model Set, and Multi-Material combinations in one scene, then present your model and material variations in the new KeyShot Configurator.

More Material Possibilities

New options are available for many existing materials and new Cloudy Plastic and Measured materials are here. Textures now offer Tri-planar and Tiled UV mapping, while more control is added with new 2D Procedural Texture options. 

More Lighting Control

With the new Environment list, HDR export and improved Ground, you have more control over your lighting. Take care of everything in one place with the integrated HDRI Editor full of new enhancements.

More Flexible User Interface

You have more flexibility in the KeyShot user interface with the ability to create your own Workspaces, reorder tabs, preview parts in the scene tree, and enjoy an improved experience on a 4k display.

More Workflow Options

You love KeyShot for the speed and KeyShot 7 brings you more. Introducing a completely new sampling method, re-tessellate, an adaptive performance mode and new output capabilities that has you producing visuals faster than ever before.

The new Cloudy Plastic material type in KeyShot 7 - Rendered by John Seymour