Model Sets

Model Sets allow you to save independent Scene Tree variations in a single .bip file. The Model Sets interface is located in the Project > Scene tab as a sidebar on the left side of the panel. When a Model Set is selected in the sidebar it's properties will be displayed in the sub-tab below and the contained Models will be listed in the Scene Tree.

  • Visibility of Model Sets can be toggled via the checkbox in the sidebar.
  • Double-clicking a Model Set in the sidebar will make it active.
  • More than one Model Set can be made active at a time via the checkbox or right-click menu.
  • Locking a Model Set will lock all contained models and parts.
  • In KeyShot 7.2 Model Sets can be reordered by drag-and-drop in the sidebar list.
  • Model Sets can be renamed via the right-click menu in the sidebar or in the Model Set properties sub-tab.
  • Model Sets can be set to Always Visible via the right-click menu in the sidebar or in the Model Set properties sub-tab. This will hide the checkbox in the sidebar. This is mostly useful for staging geometry such as a ground plane or props.

Adding Model Sets

A new Model Set can be added by clicking the Add Model Set icon above the Model Sets sidebar, which will launch the Add Model Set dialog. Here you can give it a name, specify some options and see an overview of the models to be cloned into the new Model Set. You can also access this dialog by selecting the models/parts in the Scene Tree you wish to include in the new Model Set > right-click and select Create Model Set from Selection

Model Set Preview Thumbnails

  • A preview thumbnail will automatically be generated at the time of creation based on what is currently visible in the Real-time view.
  • The preview thumbnail can be manually generated at any time by clicking the Render Preview button in the Model Set properties tab, via the right-click menu in the Model Sets sidebar or via the  icon above the Model Sets sidebar.
  • Also available via the  icon is the ability to select the size of the thumbnails that are displayed in the sidebar or the option to not show them at all.
  • In the Thumbnail Render Settings dialog you can specify the number of samples used to render the thumbnails and enable Center and Fit. If you wish to use the current camera for the thumbnail preview make sure Center and Fit is disabled.
  • If you are using the Configurator and wish to display your Model variation thumbnails larger than 256px you will have to select Thumbnail Render Settings from the settings dropdown menu and enable "Render High Res".