KeyShot Studios allow you to combine and save scene variations in one file for quick creation and presentation. Studios may contain any combination of Camera, Environment, Models Sets or Multi-Materials.

Working with Studios

View the Studios window from the main menu under Window, Studios... The Studios window is a dockable window and may also be accessed from the Ribbon at the top of the KeyShot interface by selecting the Studios icon .

Within the dialog there are four dropdown menus that display the currently active Camera, Environment, Model Sets or Multi-Materials. Click the Add Studio icon  in the top left corner to add a new Studio with the active elements added to that Studio.

Inline with the Studio name are icons  that indicate what elements are included in that Studio. By default the active Camera and Environment are included when a new Studio is created. With a Studio active, uncheck any checkbox to exclude that element from the Studio. To modify a Studio simply select a different Camera, Environment, Model Set or Multi-Material from the dropdown menus. Multiple Model Sets can be added to a Studio by checking the corresponding boxes within the Model Sets dropdown menu.

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