KeyShot Library Updates

The KeyShot Library has been completely updated to take advantage of the latest KeyShot material, texture and environment capabilities. Below is a summary of changes made to the KeyShot 7 library items.

Obtaining the New Resources

To obtain the new library presets, the full version of KeyShot 7 must first be installed. Note: For a clean install of the new KeyShot 7 material presets, remove the contents of any previous KeyShot 7 resource folder installation (except the keyshot7.lic file). All assets which have been removed from the previous KeyShot Library are available on KeyShot Cloud.


  • General

    • Material samples increased for highly specular/textured materials

    • Low-resolution legacy materials retired to KeyShot Cloud

    • Repetitive or lackluster materials retired to KeyShot Cloud

    • Optimized default settings for materials with unit-aware parameters

    • Many materials with image-based textures replaced with procedural versions

  • Organization

    • New Architectural folder with sub-folders for popular architectural materials such as tile, brick, concrete, glass

    • “Material Graph” folders removed

  • Cloth and Leather

    • Updated mesh texture materials

  • Glass

    • Color Density folder replaced with Solid Glass

    • All refractive glass using Glass (Solid) material type

  • Light

    • Redundant IES files moved to KeyShot Cloud

    • Area & Point light output adjusted to fit real world light values

  • Metal

    • Anodized - renamed ‘Basic’ sub-folder to ‘Polished’ to better reflect the application

  • Mold-Tech

    • Previous samples replaced with Spray Dot #11000 series Mold-Tech texture materials

    • Updated to use Tri-Planar mapping

  • Paint

    • Textured folder added

  • Plastic

    • Textured folder added for Clear, Cloudy, Hard, and Soft plastics

    • Optical folder added with accurate material settings including dispersive variants

    • Rubber re-added  

  • Stone

    • Concrete materials either moved or retired to KeyShot Cloud

    • Improved procedural materials

    • Surface materials moved to Architectural folder

  • Toon

    • New Shaded and Transparent presets added

    • All presets improved with contour, part, and quality settings  

  • Wood

    • All-new procedural wood materials

    • Improved image-based materials


  • Some low-resolution image-based textures have been retired to KeyShot Cloud

  • Some image-based textures re-created procedural textures

  • Gradient textures moved to Opacity Maps folder

  • Solid opacity maps retired to KeyShot Cloud

  • Added three additional KeyShot icons (without color gradient) White, Black & Bump


  • All .HDZ studio environments have been replaced with procedural 4K .KLF environments

  • 4K resolution offers crisp highlights and smooth reflection gradients, can be scaled up to 8K with no quality loss

  • Procedural environments are fully editable, allowing fewer environments to replace multiple image-based environments

  • 2 new zebra stripe environments added to help evaluate surface continuity

  • 22 image-based studio environments have been retired to KeyShot Cloud

  • Updated Sun & Sky environments


  • Studio Backdrop added with matching environment

  • Backplates for previous HDRI locations moved to KeyShot Cloud


  • New Categories: Architectural, Automotive, Jewelry, KeyShot 7, Product

  • Precious Metals with complex IOR values added to Jewelry folder

Additional Resources

A KeyShot Content installer is available for KeyShot 7 users on both Windows and Mac. The installer contains Environments from Aversis as well as textures from Poliigon. Download the installer here:

Content Download

KeyShot 7 Content (Win) 700 MB
KeyShot 7 Content (Mac) 710 MB

Content Installation

After downloading, run the installer. During installation, the new resources will be added to your KeyShot Resource folder and visible in your KeyShot library. The new Aversis environments are located in the Interior and Outdoor environments folders and a new Poliigon folder will be added to your Materials folder.

The installer contains the following resources:

Environments - by Aversis

Find more environments from Aversis at

Textures - by Poliigon

See the cross-reference of KeyShot materials and Poliigon textures here. Find more textures by Poliigon at


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