Additional Features

Adaptive Performance Mode - When enabled from the Camera menu performance intensive settings will automatically be turned off when the FPS drops below 20 providing a smoother real-time experience. When the mouse is released the settings will turn on again.

Rounded Edges - Rounded edges has been greatly improved to get better results.

Updated Primitives - The KeyShot primitives have been updated so they may be rendered as NURBS and Re-tessellated (both Pro features). Add KeyShot primitives via Edit, Add Geometry.

Move Tool - Updated to add planar XY, YZ and XZ handles. The Move Tool now shows automatically when a primitive is added via Edit, Add Geometry.

New Render Passes - Ambient Occlusion, Diffuse, Direct Lighting, Indirect Lighting, Caustics, Shadow

Improved 3Dconnexion support - Improved defaults to better match viewing in 3D modeling software.

Improved First Person Camera - Collision Detection option to prevent walking through objects, i.e. prevent walking through walls with sensitivity control. 

FBX Export - Ability to export objects and cameras as an FBX file.

Improved Absolute Camera Controls

Material Template Improvements

Co-planar surfaces - Support for co-planar surfaces with layering of objects determined by Scene Tree structure

Flatten Ground - Improved appearance with less distortion

Preferences - Real-time Rendering Samples Cap

Preferences - Set Default Startup Scene

Camera Path Animation - Set Target

Environment - Occlusion Ground Shadows

Isolate Materials to Selection - Creates a new linked material instance within a selection

Selective NURBS Rendering (Pro) - Available in the Tessellation accordion of the Project > Scene > Properties tab when an object with NURBS is selected.