Product Updates

With KeyShot 7, we have the following product updates:

Windows 32-bit Version End of Life

With KeyShot 7, we are ending support of Windows 32-bit systems and installations. Support for customers with 32-bit installations of KeyShot 6 is available until the release of KeyShot 7.

KeyShot 7 for Education

Education licenses of KeyShot 7 will now have all features of KeyShot Pro. Previously, KeyShot for Education contained only KeyShot HD features. You can see a comparison of KeyShot versions here.

New Library Presets

The KeyShot Library has been completely updated to take advantage of the latest KeyShot material, texture and environment capabilities. Learn more about the new KeyShot Library presets.

To obtain the new library presets, the full version of KeyShot 7 must first be installed. The full install of KeyShot 7 is available here. Note: For a clean install of the new KeyShot 7 material presets, remove the contents of any previous KeyShot 7 resource folder installation (except the keyshot7.lic file). All assets which have been removed from the previous KeyShot Library are available on KeyShot Cloud.

New Texture Mapping

Old KeyShot scenes will still use the legacy texture mapping for existing textures and labels when opened in KeyShot 7. Click the Upgrade to New Node button to convert the legacy texture mapping to the new mapping technique. Some shifts may occur when doing so.

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