Tessellation Settings Window

The Tessellation Settings window can be accessed by right-clicking your model or part and selecting Re-Tessellate or by selecting the model/part in the Scene Tree and selecting Re-Tesselate in the Properties tap below.

  1. Tessellation Quality
    The quality of your surfaces.  A lower value will yield rough surfaces. A higher value will yield smooth surfaces. 
  2. Angle Tolerance
    The maximum allowed angle measurement between adjacent triangles on your model's surface.
  3. Distance Tolerance
    The maximum allowed distance deviation – expressed as a percentage of the model's bounding box – measured from any triangle to the actual NURBS surface. A lower value with yield smooth surfaces.
  4. Maximum Edge Length
    The maximum side length – expressed as a percentage of the model's bounding box – for any one triangle on your model's surface. A lower value will yield smooth surfaces.
  5. Tessellate
    Click to make your model appear in the Tessellation Preview at the specified Tessellation Quality.
  6. Apply
    Click to Apply the Tessellation Quality to your model in the real-time view.
  7. Tessellation Preview
    Shows you a preview of the detail on your model's surface.
  8. Triangles
    Displays the total number of triangles that make up your model's surface.
  9. Appearance
    Select Wireframe for a polygon view or Glossy to see how smooth the surfaces will look.
  10. Cancel
    Click to undo any changes to your model's tessellation and close the Tessellation Settings window.
  11. Done
    Click to accept your changes and apply them to your scene. Note that you cannot undo the changes once you click Done.

See more about Re-Tessellation.