Camera List

The camera list at the top of the Camera tab contains all the cameras for the scene. In the camera list, the Free Camera is always available and cannot be locked or overwritten. It can always be selected and remains independent of camera animations.

Add Camera

To create a new camera, select Add new camera  to the left of the camera list. This will add the current camera view to the Camera List.

Cameras can be renamed for easy identification and better organization, simply right-click and select Rename.

Add Camera and Environment Studio

The Add Camera and Environment Studio  is a Pro feature that allows you to add a Studio along with the currently active camera and environment.

Note: This replaces the Viewset functionality from KeyShot 5/6. Read more information about the Studio feature and Viewset to Studio conversion here.

Edit camera

After a camera is saved, any change made while that camera is active will display (unsaved) after the camera name. To save the changes simply select Save Current Camera . If you do not want to apply changes, select Reset Camera  to revert the active camera to its last saved state.

Adding a new camera to the list will add a camera with the current setup, while the previously selected camera will be reverted to the last saved state.

Locked Camera

Any camera can be locked by right-clicking on the name or by selecting the lock icon. When a camera is locked the Tumble/Pan/Dolly options in the ribbon will be disabled

Delete Camera

Any unlocked camera can be deleted using the Remove current camera .

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