Stereo (VR)

Stereo mode will display when Perspective or Panoramic is selected in Lens Settings.

The Stereo setting allows for a scene to be viewed in real-time or output as still images and animations using virtual reality (VR) hardware.

Spherical and Cube Maps offer a 360-degree stereo viewing experience while Stereo Perspective shows a stereoscopic image of the viewport. For more information on using KeyShot with VR devices, please see the Virtual Reality section.

Head-Mounted Display (HMD)

Support is available for real-time viewing using Oculus Rift and HTC Vive Head-Mounted Display (HMD) viewing (currently Windows only). From the Camera tab, enable the Stereo option for your Perspective or Panoramic camera. Click the Head-Mounted Display button to select Oculus Rift or OpenVR for HTC Vive to open the HMD viewing window. 


An HMD must be connected for the Head-Mounted Display button to be enabled and viewing window to be activated.