Brushed (Radial)

Use the Brushed (Radial) procedural texture for a spun brushed metal finish.

Mapping Tool
Use the mapping tool to place the center of the brushed texture. See description here.

Use this to control the scale of the texture.

See description here.

Color 1/Color 2
Choose contrasting colors here to create a ringed brushed pattern.


Use this to control the amount of rings are generated.

Increase this value to reduce the contrast between the colors selected.


Angle Noise
Increase this value to vary the width of the rings.

Distortion Noise
Increase this value to deviate the rings from a perfect circle. For a traditional spun brushed finish, you will want to leave this parameter at 0.


Radial Axial Blend
Use this to create continuous textures on a cylinder that continues into a rounded cap. For most applications you will leave this at default.

Textures on this material node with sync enabled will be scaled/moved/adjusted concurrently.