Floating License Definitions

Floating License: This is a type of license that can be accessed by various computer systems. The actual license file is saved on the license server system. Your license file is an encoded text file that tells the license server which port to use, how many seats are available for checkout, and when will the license expire.

Seat: The number of seats in a license file tells the license server how many client computers can check out the floating license at the same time. This number is displayed and encoded in the license file.

License Server: The computer that hosts and manages the license file. Any Windows PC or Mac computer can be a license server. We recommend that you select a desktop computer in your office network that your design team can access during regular business hours or later if needed.

Client: In this manual, we refer to any computer in which KeyShot Pro Floating is installed as the client. If KeyShot Pro Floating is installed on your license server, then your license server computer is also a client.

Server Host Name:  This is the name of your computer as listed under your computer network.  The host name is a label used for identification.

Server MAC Address:  Your computer has various ways to connect to other computers on your network and to the internet.  The most common connections are the ethernet adapter and the wireless adapter.  Each of your adapters has a unique physical address also known as the mac address.  The KeyShot Pro Floating license is tied to your server’s MAC address.