The KeyShot Ribbon 

The Ribbon provides quick access to commonly used settings, tools, commands, and windows in KeyShot. 

Select a predefined Workspace, create and manager your own, or select between the Light and Dark theme interface.

CPU Usage
Select the number of cores used for the real-time render window.

Pauses real-time rendering.

Performance Mode
Toggle on to lower real-time render settings for faster performance. Performance Mode is also accessible via the Lighting tab.

NURBS Mode (Pro Only)
Enables NURBS Data to be rendered in the realtime rendering window.

Region (Pro Only)
Enables Region rendering.

Move Tool
Enables the Move Tool and prompts to make a selection if nothing is already selected.

Tumble, Pan, Dolly Camera
Select the default left mouse button behavior. This is especially helpful when working on a laptop with only a trackpad.

Quick access to the Camera Perspective value.

Add Camera
Add a new Camera to your saved Camera list.

Cycle Cameras
Cycle through saved Cameras.

Reset Camera
Reset the current Camera to its saved state.

Lock Camera
Lock the properties of the current Camera.

Add Studio
Add a new Camera to your saved Camera list.

Cycle Studios
Cycle through saved Studios.

Show/hide the Studios window.

Material Templates
Show/hide the Material Templates window.

Geometry View
Show/hide the Geometry View window.

Configurator Wizard
Opens Configurator Wizard