Wood (Advanced)

The Wood (Advanced) procedural texture gives finer control than the basic wood procedural texture, and creates more realism in the map.

Use this to control the overall scale of the texture map.

See description of angle on the Move Texture page.

New wood formed in a tree during spring and summer is light in color. Toward the end of a growing season, new cells formed are smaller and have darker, thicker walls. Choose the color swatches to accurately color the rings in accordance with the seasons.

Ring Width
This adjusts the thickness of the wood ring.

Ring Width Variation
This enables you to add variation to the width of the wood rings.


Ring Spacing Variation
This parameter controls the contrast of thick and thin ring shapes to represent different rates of annual growth.

Ring Noise
This adds fluctuations or waviness to the rings.

Axial Noise
Increase this parameter to add variations to the circular shapes of the rings.

Color Noise
Increase this parameter to add more splotches of color in the rings.

Seasonal Color Noise
Add variation to each color swatch as it blends from each color.


Knot Color/Border
The knot color is blended into the main colors of the texture. Choose a grey value to darken the knots. The knot border should be darker than any of the other colors.

Knot Density
This parameter controls how many knots appear in the texture.

Knot Age
Increase this parameter to increase the number of rings that appear in the knots.

Knot Border Size
This parameter changes the thickness of the knot borders.

Knot Distortion
Use this to control the fluctuations and add irregularities in the knot shape.

Branch Scale
Control the overall size of the knots with this parameter.


Grain Color Bleed
This parameter controls the amount of color each ring blends into the rings on either side. Decrease to have very clearly defined rings or increase to give the rings a more blended appearance.

Axial Graininess
Increase this parameter to blur the texture.

Ring Graininess
This adjusts the thickness of the wood rings.

Grain Scale
This adjust the size of the grain striations between the rings.

Grain Thinness
Control the size of the grain striations with this parameter.


Scrub through this parameter to add randomness to all of the previous parameters to create a more natural look.

In this example the Wood (advanced) texture has been used both as diffuse map and bump map. This material is from the KeyShot library -  Oak wood satin - only the size of rings and knots have been adjusted, to match the model.