The Spots procedural texture is a an interactive method of creating a texture map of scattered spots on a surface.

Use this to set the color of the spots generated.

Use this to set the color of the background.

Use this to control the overall scale of the texture map.

Cell type
select if you want circular, square or diamond shaped dots.

Use this to control the number of spots that appear on your surface.

Use this to change the overall size of the spots generated.

Feather the edges of your shapes with this parameter. Higher values produce softer edges.

Increase this parameter to randomly warp the shape of the spots.

Distortion Scale
Use this parameter to change the amount of distortion is applied to the spots.

Increase the amount levels of sizes that appears.

Levels Scale
This changes the difference in sizes between the various levels. Increase the value to greater than one to decrease the smallest spot size. Decrease the value to less than one to increase the largest spot size.

Intensity Modifier
Increase this parameter to have the spots decrease in opacity as they decrease in size.


Enable this option to have the spots feather in to the outside color, creating rings or bubble like silhouettes.

In this example the Spot texture is applied both as a Diffuse map and as an Opacity map.