Changing Server Connection

For larger companies, there may be more than one KeyShot license server at the same or multiple locations.

KeyShot allows you to choose between different license servers. Below you will find instructions for changing the license server connection within KeyShot.

Please contact your IT department for VPN connection instructions when trying to connect to a remote license server.

How To Change Your License Server Connection

  1. Ensure that your client computer can connect to the current server.

  2. Open KeyShot Pro Floating.

  3. Windows: Go to the main menu and click Help, Change Floating License Server.
    Mac: Go to the main menu and click KeyShot, Change Floating License Server.

  4. Change the port number and the hostname/IP address as needed.  Click OK.

Technical Tip

Please refer to the included troubleshooting section if you are unable to establish your new client-server connection.