Create a pattern of shapes that can be used for meshes in the opacity map, or a shape pattern in color maps.


This sets the shape color. Set the color to black to create holes if you are using the texture as an opacity map.

This sets the background color. Set the color to white if you are using the texture as an opacity map.

Show Outline
This enables you to add a colored/textured outline to the shape. The outline is placed on the inside edge of the shape.

Blend Outline with Color
When enabled the outline color/texture is blended with the color/texture of the shape.

Outline Size
Determines the width of the outline on a scale from 0-1, where 0 is right on the edge and 1 is in the center of the shape.

Shape and Pattern

Scale Mesh
Scales the size of the mesh affects both the size of the shape and the spacing.

Here you can choose between different shapes for your mesh.

Adds feather to the edges of the shapes. The slider sets the width of the falloff. A value of 0 is equal to no falloff.

Shape Diameter/Width and Height
Depending on the shape size you can set the size of the shapes with diameter/width and height. When setting the width and height you can lock aspect to scale uniformly and reset to revert to the original aspect ratio.

Shape Angle
This will rotate the shape.

Mesh Pattern
Set the pattern you want to use for your mesh. You can either choose one of the standard patterns or define a custom pattern.


Increase this value to add deviation to the pattern.

Increase this value to randomly distort the shape.

Distort Scale
Values above 1 decreases the distortion scale. Values below 1 increases the distortion scale.

Here the mesh texture have been used as an opacity map to add holes in the surface, without having to model them.