What's New

KeyShot 8 is focused on delivering a tighter workflow inside KeyShot with an emphasis on flow and less on work. KeyShot 8 requires less switching between other apps, giving you more time to create. KeyShot 8 provides the advanced features and flexibility to boost your workflow, enhance your visuals, elevate your experience, and extend your reach.

Explore Feature Highlights

Boost Your Workflow

Bring your custom assets into KeyShot 8 faster with the Migration Assistant. Control all aspects of your Studio setup. Find and apply KeyShot Cloud resources from within KeyShot. Move faster through your workflow with tighter menus, more visible resources, and improved scene tree filtering.

Elevate Your Visuals

KeyShot 8 presents new ways to display and manipulate light, materials, and texture. Control lighting better with spotlights and IES light axis selection. Use cutaways to view assemblies in new ways. Add scattering volumes to scenes as quickly as any material. Then animate it all for unmatched realism and style.

Enhance Your Experience

KeyShot 8 introduces powerful capabilities for advanced texture and image creation. New features in the KeyShot Material Graph bring control over the very geometry itself to generate displacement or create flakes and bubbles. Create any number of Image Styles to adjust tone-mapping and control curve, color and image effects right inside KeyShot. 

Extend Your Reach 

The KeyShot Configurator and KeyShot Viewer offer more ways to visualize and share design variations. KeyShot 8 builds on this with new ways to generate studios and display material combinations in a touch-friendly environment. New Configurator and Presentation Mode updates, plus support for glTF/GLB output give you more ways to share and extend your reach.

The new geometry displacement in KeyShot 8 - Rendered by John Seymour