Additional Features

The additional features and updates are also included in KeyShot 8:

Rhino 6 Support - Direct import for Rhino 6 on Mac and Windows is now supported.

Inventor 2019 Support - Direct import of Autodesk Inventor 2019 on Windows is now supported.

Revit 2019 Support - Direct import of Autodesk Revit 2019 on Windows is now supported.

Scene Tree Filtering - Filter Scene Tree by Hidden Items.

New Screenshot Preferences - Option to Include Alpha (Transparency) with PNG screenshot output. Save metadata option for XMP or Simple (.meta) output (PRO)

Bloom Threshold - Allows you to clamp bloom by pixel brightness.

Material Graph Root Node - The Material Graph now shows a root node where the Surface material (base material), Label Materials and Geometry Nodes will be connected to. Scenes from KeyShot 7 and earlier will automatically reflect this restructuring when opened in KeyShot 8.

Pause Offline rendering - Ability to pause the rendering progress in the Rendering output window.

Animation Timeline Work Area - Right-click on Animation Timeline ruler to set Work Area Start/End.

Add Multi-Materials by Drag and drop - Press Shift as a modifier key to add a material as a sub-material when drag-and-drop into the Real-time View.

Presentation mode Layout - Styling parameters to layout section of the Configurator Wizard and vertical orientation for Presentation Mode has been added.

Network Rendering for Linux - Network Rendering Master and Slave support for Linux.

Silent Installation for Network Rendering on Mac.