User Interface Updates

The KeyShot 8 user interface has been vastly improved to be more consistent and responsive.

Updates and improvements include the following:

  • Icons have been added to context (right-click) menus

  • Icons have been added to Texture/Label properties flip, repeat, two-sided and sync
  • New icon for Render Region
  • Render Region numeric size can be set directly from the Real-time View
  • Library thumbnail names remain visible at smaller sizes

  • Multi-material thumbnails are displayed with a label in Material Library and In-project Library
  • Added Shift as a modifier key to add a material as a sub-material when drag-and-drop into the Real-time View.
  • Ability to right-click on Animation Timeline ruler to set Work Area Start/End.
  • Current time indicator and Work Area handles on the Animation Timeline have been improved.
  • Model Set thumbnails adapt to panel size
  • Thumbnails have been added to Studios panel
  • Image Styles have been added to Studios panel
  • Undo/Redo list have been added to Main Menu, Edit, Undo/Redo
  • Preferences dialog layout has been rearranged - Advanced tab settings added to Interface and General as applicable
  • Clear Cache option added to Preferences, General, KeyShot Cloud
  • Include Alpha (Transparency) option has been added to Preferences, General, Screenshot
  • Metadata-output format selection has been added to Preferences, General, Screenshot.
  • Hex color input is now available in Color Picker for RGB color space
  • In Render Output Window, Image Styles Panel replaces Effects Panel
  • Styling section added to the Configurator.