Silent Install (PC)

You or your IT department may wish to run the KeyShot Installer for PC* as a silent installation. The KeyShot installer takes the following arguments:


  • /S – for a silent installation.
  • /AllUsers – installs for all users with shortcuts in start menu.
  • /USERNAME=somepath – changes the destination folder for the KeyShot Resources folder. 
  • /FLEXLM=27000@myserver – set the FlexLM server’s port and hostname. Only use this command if you have a floating license for multiple computers.
  • /D=C:\Program Files\KeyShot 8 – set the program files destination. This must be placed at the end of the command line.
  • /FloatingFeature=feature – set the feature to check out (if more than one is available): keyshot2, keyshot_enterprise, or keyshot_base.
  • /NO_AUTOUPDATE – disable updates.
  • /NO_CLOUD – disable KeyShot Cloud Library.


KeyShot HD/Pro

keyshot_w64_8.x.x.exe /S /USERNAME=C:\Users\Luxion\Documents /D=C:\Program Files\KeyShot 8

KeyShot Pro Floating

keyshot_w64_8.x.x.exe /S /USERNAME=C:\Users\Luxion\Documents /FLEXLM=27000@myserver /D=C:\Program Files\KeyShot 8

Unattended Uninstall

C:\Program Files\KeyShot 8\uninstall.exe /S _?=C:\Program Files\KeyShot 8

*Silent install commands for Mac are currently not available.