Moving Models and Parts

Move tool

With the Move tool you can translate, rotate and scale a model, part or selection.

Launch the Move Tool

The move tool can be triggered in different ways:

  • Right-click a selected part/model in the Scene Tree and choose  Move.
  • Right-click a part in the Real-Time View and choose Move Selection, Move Part or Move Model, depending on what you want to move.
  • Click the Move button in the Ribbon or in the Scene tab of the Project Panel. If no part(s) are selected, this will trigger a dialog, where you can choose which part(s) you want to move.
  • Use the hotkey ctrl+d on Windows and cmd+d on Mac. If no part(s) are selected, this will trigger a dialog, where you can choose which part(s) you want to move

Once you have selected what to transform, the Move Tool will be visible in the Real-Time View.  The Move Tool consists of different handles that control translation, rotation, and scale in the X, Y, and Z directions.


Select which handles you want to see on the move tool. When rotating you can press Shift while dragging to make the rotation snap in 15° increments.


Choose an axis from which to reference your transformations.

  • Local uses the axis inherent in the part or model
  • Global uses the XYZ coordinates from the KeyShot scene.


By default the Pivot is in the center of the current selection. To select another pivot point click Pick to launch the Pivot Selection dialog.

  • Pick: When the Pivot Selection dialog is displayed you can select a part or a model/group to use as Pivot - either in the Pivot Selection dialog itself or by clicking on the part in the Real-Time View - followed by OK. This effectively sets the center of the selection as the pivot. The name in the pivot field is changed to the name of the part/group and the Move tool is moved to the pivot point. 
  • Reset: The reset button will return the pivot point to the original position in the center of the part(s) and the text in the pivot field now says Self again.


Snap to Pivot

The Snap to Pivot option will move the part(s) to the selected pivot. More precisely will the option align the center of the part(s) with the center of the pivot object.

Snap to Lower Object
The Snap to Lower Object option will automatically move the bottom edge of the object’s bounding box to the top edge of the bounding box of the part located below.

Snap to Ground
The Snap to Ground quickly moves the model in the Y-direction (up-down) to snap the lowest point on the models bounding box to the ground plane. This is useful when the model has been moved and is no longer touching the ground plane.

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