Point Light

Applying a Point Light to geometry replaces it with a point located in the parts center.


Here, you can choose the color the light will cast. For accurate lighting colors, use the Kelvin scale to select accurate lighting temperatures.

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Color = 3000 KelvinColor = 4000 KelvinColor = 5000 KelvinColor = 6500 Kelvin


Power determines how strong the light source is. It can be set in Lumen or Watt, where Lumen is recommended for the most accurate result.


Adjust the radius to control the softness of shadows cast from this light. A large radius gives soft shadows, while a small radius results in harder shadows with crisply defined, sharp edges.

Radius = 0 mm
(The unit depends on the Scene Units.)
Radius = 5 mmRadius = 10 mmRadius = 20 mm


The effect of radius depends on the size of models. Larger models may require a higher radius value for a similar effect.