The Emissive material type can be used for small light sources such as LEDs, lamps or even illuminated screen displays. It is not meant to illuminate scenes as a main light source. The emissive material will need “Global illumination” enabled in “lighting” to illuminate other geometry in the realtime view. It will also need ground illumination to illuminate the ground plane as shown. Color textures can be mapped to the material and any colors included in the texture will be emitted as light. When using emissives, it is a good idea to enable “Bloom” under effects in realtime settings. This will create the glowing effect shown in the image.

This will control the intensity of the light that is emitted.

This will control the color of the light emitted from the material.


Visible to Camera
Hide the emissive material from the camera, but the emissive material will still emit light.

Visible in Reflections
Hide the emissive material from any specular reflections. The effect of the emissive will only be seen on the diffuse component of materials.

This will cause the emissive light to display on both side of the surface.

Use Color Map Alpha
This will allow you to use the alpha channel in the color map.