Texture Types

KeyShot has three primary types of Textures that can be applied to materials: Image Textures, 2D Textures, and 3D Textures. Each of these are accessible from the Project window, Material tab, Texture tab. Image Textures use an image file as a texture. 2D and 3D Textures are procedurally generated textures. The three types of Textures include:


In addition to the regular texture types users of KeyShot Pro can also add Animations (only to Color and Opacity maps)

About Procedural Textures

Procedural textures are computer-generated, customizable textures that allow you to control the values and color of the texture. KeyShot allows you to create textures in real-time viewing the changes as you make them. In comparison to traditional texture mapping, procedural textures wrap around your model without leaving seams or stretching, regardless of the model’s shape. Use the Texture type drop-down to choose the procedural texture you would like to use.

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