HDRI Editor

The KeyShot HDRI Editor (Pro Only) is a simple way to make adjustments to lighting environments or create your own.

The HDRI Editor provides a unique system of adjustable light, image and gradient Pins to light your scene.

HDRI Editor Overview

The KeyShot HDRI Editor is fully integrated into the Environment tab located in the Project window.

All Pins and settings for ColorAdjustments and Transforms are embedded in the KeyShot file eliminating the need to save an individual .HDZ for each custom Environment you create. This provides a huge convenience and asset management benefit while greatly reducing the amount of data necessary to store locally and in KeyShot .KSP files.

The HDRI Editor has flexible features including:

  • Export of HDR/EXR

  • Gradient Background

  • Draggable interactive Sun & Sky

  • Sun & Sky Ground Color

  • Sun Size parameter

  • Rectangular Pin Rounded Corners

  • Gradient Pins

  • Image Pin Color Adjustments

  • Extract pins from previous version HDZ files

  • Pop out HDRI Editor canvas