Main Menu

  • New...
    Open a new blank scene in KeyShot.
  • Import...
    Import a 3D file into an open or new scene. See Importing section for more details.
  • Open…
    This will open a KeyShot scene, or opens the import panel.
  • Open Recent
    KeyShot lists the last 10 scenes that were opened/saved so you can quickly open them.
  • Save
    Save the currently open scene in KeyShot (.bip).
  • Save As…
    Save the current scene in Keyshot (.bip) with the option to change the name of the file.
  • Save Package...
    Save a KeyShot Package (.ksp) which includes the model, materials, environments, textures, cameras, and backplates used in a given scene.
    It is very important to use this saving method when sharing or moving a scene across different computers.
  • Save for KeyShot Viewer...
    Save a KeyShot Package (.ksp) for viewing in KeyShot Viewer. The file can be Password protected and you can choose to show the KeyShot logo and/or watermark.
  • Save Active Model Sets...
    Save only the Model Set(s) displayed in order to share Model Sets with non-Pro users.
  • Revisions Manager...
    Opens Revision Manager to preview, revert to or delete revisions. This is not enabled by default. To enable the Revision Manager, enable Backup Revisions under Edit >Preferences > General (PC) or KeyShot > Preferences > General (Mac).
  • Export (Pro only)
    Export model file to OBJ, FBX, GLTF, STL, and ZPR file formats.
  • Connect to Onshape...
    Launch the Onshape integration dialog. Plugin and Onshape and account are required. The plugin can be downloaded here.
  • Exit (PC only - On Mac Quit is located under KeyShot in the Main Menu)
    Quit and leave KeyShot.
  • Undo
    Undo previous actions.
  • Redo
    Redo an action that was undone.
  • Add Geometry
    Add pre-installed primitives into your scene. You can also place commonly used models into the “Models” folder in your KeyShot Resources directory.
  • Edit Geometry
    Opens the Geometry Editor. See Geometry Editor for more details.
  • Clear Geometry
    Clears all geometry in the scene.
  • Set Scene Units
    Change the set units used in the scene. For accurate results, use the same units the model was created in.
  • Preferences (PC only - On Mac Preferences are located under KeyShot in the Main Menu)
    Set KeyShot preferences. See Preferences for more details.
  • Background
    Toggle background mode between Lighting Environment, Color, and Backplate image.
  • Ground Shadows
    Toggle Ground Shadows on and off.
  • Occlusion Ground Shadows
    Toggle Occlusion Ground Shadows on and off. Ground Shadows must be enabled for this option to be available.
  • Ground Reflections
    Toggle Ground Reflections on and off.
  • Flatten Ground
    Toggle Flatten Ground on and off.
  • Performance Mode
    Toggle the performance mode on/off.
  • Basic, Product, Interior, Jewelry, Custom
    Choose a lighting preset that best suits your scene. if you have a created a custom preset, this option becomes available under Custom.
  • Self Shadows, Global Illumination, Ground Illumination, Caustics, Interior Mode
    Toggle these settings on/off. See Lighting for more information.
  • Cameras
    Choose a saved camera. Cameras that are saved from your list of saved cameras is populated here.
  • Lock Camera
    Lock the camera in the Real-time View.
  • Add Camera
    Add a Camera to your saved camera list.
  • Tumble/Pan/Dolly
    Toggle the default left mouse button action.
  • Perspective/Orthographic/Shift
    Toggle camera lens settings. See Lens Settings for more information.
  • Standard Views
    Choose from the preset orthographic camera views.
  • Stay Above Ground
    Toggle camera to stay above ground.
  • Grid
    Enable grid. 
  • Ground Grid
    Enable ground grid. 
  • Match Backplate Perspective
    Enable the match backplate tool.
  • Walkthrough Mode
    Adds a new camera and enables Real-time View navigation controls.
  • Enable VR
    When you have a VR headset connected to you computer the Enable VR option enable the Head Mounted Display option in the Stereo section of the Project, Camera tab and add a Panoramic camera to the Camera List. See the Virtual Reality section to learn more.
  • Adaptive Performance mode
    Toggle the use of performance mode if FPS is lover than 20 in the Real-time View.
  • Resolution Presets
    Select from a list of Real-time View Resolution Presets.
  • Lock Aspect
    Toggle Lock Aspect of the Real-time View.
  • Lock Resolution
    Toggle Lock Resolution of the Real-time View.
  • Pause Real-time Render
    Toggle pause of the Real-time View.
  • Render NURBS
    Toggle on/off the display of NURBS in the Real-time View.
  • Motion Blur
    Toggle on/off the display of Motion Blur when animations are present in the scene.
  • Save Screenshot
    Create an image file of the current Real-time View.
  • Add to Queue
    Create a render job in the Render Queue using the current Render Options.
  • Render
    Open the Render Options window.
  • Model Sets
    Cycle Model Sets or select a specific Model Set from the list.
  • Show Fullscreen
    Toggle fullscreen mode.
  • Presentation Mode
    Toggle presentation mode.
  • Retina mode (Mac only)
    Toggle Retina mode.
  • Heads-Up Display
    Hide or show the Heads-Up Display which contains frames per second, time and number of samples the Real-time View has been rendering, the amount of triangles and NURBS in the scene, the Real-time View resolution, and the current focal length of the camera.
  • Show Coordinate Legend
    Hide or show the coordinate legend on the lower left corner of the real-time render window.
  • Selection Outlines
    Toggle selection outlines to be shown.
  • Show Light Sources
    Hide or show physical light sources.
  • Toolbar
    Hide or show the Toolbar.
  • Ribbon
    Hide or show the Ribbon.
  • Cloud Library...
    Hide or show the Cloud Library window.
  • Library
    Hide or show the Library window.
  • Project
    Hide or show the Project window.
  • Animation...
    Hide or show the Animation window.
  • KeyShotXR...
    Open the KeyShotXR wizard (only available with applicable licenses).
  • Show Geometry View
    Hide or show the Geometry View window.
  • Material Templates...
    Hide or show the Material Templates window.
  • Studios
    Hide or show the Studios window.
  • Configurator Wizard
    Hide or show the Configurator Wizard.
  • Scripting Console...
    Hide or show the Scripting console window.
  • Enable Docking
    Toggle to allow window docking in the Real-time View.
  • Dock Windows
    Auto-docks all open windows to default locations.
  • Restore Tab Order
    Restores the default tab order for the Library and Project windows.
  • Help...
    Loads for quick access to the Luxion Support staff, FAQs, Troubleshooting and more.
  • Manual...
    Loads the KeyShot online manual, which also contains links to download the PDF manual.
  • Hotkeys Overview...
    Displays the KeyShot hotkeys panel (or toggle off/on using the K-key).
  • Welcome Dialog...
    Displays the Welcome Window for access to the latest learning and 'What's New' content along with recent and demo scenes.
  • Learning
    Opens the “Keyshot Learning” page for tutorials, webinars and quick tips.
  • Register License... (PC only - On Mac Register License... is located under KeyShot in the Main Menu)
    Opens the KeyShot license registration window.
  • Activate KeyShotXR...
    If you have purchased the KeyShotXR add-on separately, click here to activate it.
  • Deactivate License on this Computer...  (PC only - On Mac Deactivate License on this Computer... is located under KeyShot in the Main Menu)
    Deactivate your license so it can be used on a different computer.
  • Show License Information... (PC only - On Mac Show License information... is located under KeyShot in the Main Menu)
    Shows KeyShot version and active licenses.
  • Disclaimers...
    Opens disclaimers pertaining to KeyShot partners.
  • Check for Updates... (PC only - On Mac Check for Updates... is located under KeyShot in the Main Menu)
    Checks online for the latest version of KeyShot. Requires an internet connection.
  • Log...
    Opens log window to view the source of any errors.
  • About... (PC only - On Mac About... is located under KeyShot in the Main Menu)
    Displays the KeyShot About window, including KeyShot version number and link to Disclaimers
  • Report a problem
    Launches a report dialog, where you can report any bugs you may encounter while using KeyShot. The Dialog asks you to describe the issue and enables to you attach files (e.g. scenes where you experience the bug). The report is by default anonymous - but you can choose to add your contact information, if you are open to being contacted by Luxion with any questions that may arise concerning the issue. If KeyShot crashes, this dialog will be triggered automatically next time KeyShot is launched.
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