Color Gradient

The Color Gradient Procedural Texture allows you to mix two separate colors on a surface without having to create a custom texture map.

Mapping Tool
Use this to move the center line of the gradient.

Double click a color slider to select what color will be applied to the color gradient. Use the triangle slider to determine the midpoint of the gradient. To add another color to the gradient, click the icon. To delete a color, select the color slider to be deleted, and click the Trash icon.

Adjust this to numerically control the selected color slider.

Gradient Type
Use the dropdown to choose a gradient type that suits your needs.

Use this to set the scale of the texture. This sets the distance in scene units from the first to the last color slider of the gradient.

Use this to incrementally rotate the texture on the surface in degrees.

use this to incrementally shift the texture on the surface.

Reverse the direction of the gradient.

In this example the Color Gradient is used as a Diffuse map.