Material Graph User Interface

There are five components of the Material Graph window: Menu bar, Ribbon, Materials & Textures Library, Material Properties, and the Work Area.

1. Material Graph Menu Bar


  • New This will replace the working material and any textures with a basic diffuse material to start from scratch.
  • Save to Library will save the working material to the specified folder in your KeyShot Library.
  • Export This will allow you to export your material as a KeyShot MTL file type in a specified folder.


This provides quick addition of nodes to the Work Area.


  • Align nodes This automatically arranges connected nodes in the Work Area.
  • Zoom With complex materials the Work Area can quickly get crowded - the zoom options allow you to quickly adapt the Work Area to your current material.
  • Preview Options for previewing individual node settings such as color, alpha, and bump in the Real-Time. You can also stop the preview within this menu as well.


This gives access to hide/show the Material Properties window (4), Materials & Textures Library (5), and the Material Graph Ribbon (2).

2. Material Graph Ribbon

Save to Library - saves the current material to your Material Library

Add material node - adds an “Advanced Material” node*

Add Texture node - adds a traditional texture map and opens the file browser window to select your image file*

Add Animation node - adds a Color Fade node*

Add Utility node - adds a Bump Add node*

*Adds the default node of the category - you can easily switch the node to another type of the same category in the Material Properties window.

Duplicate selected node

Delete Selected node

Preview color

Preview alpha

Preview bump

To activate a preview mode, select a node you would like to preview. After selecting a node, the available preview modes will become selectable. click on a preview mode to activate it, which will make the selected node red in the Work Area. To disable the preview mode, click on the activated preview mode again on the ribbon.

Align nodes - align the nodes within the Work Area

Zoom to fit - fit all the nodes within the Work Area

Zoom to 100% - view the nodes at 100% zoom level

Create Multi-Material - will convert the current material to/from Multi-Material

Refresh Geometry nodes - The geometry shaders (displacement, bubbles and flakes) need to be refreshed before any edits will be visible in the Real-Time View.

3. Material Graph Work Area

The Work Area displays all nodes their connections in a graph view.

In the work are you have following options:

  • Select a node or connection - left click.
  • Select multiple nodes - left-click and hold Ctrl (Cmd on Mac).
  • Select multiple nodes - Shift + left-button hold and drag to use the marequee selection.
  • Delete/duplicate node - Right click on a (selection of) node(s) to delete or duplicate.
  • Remove/disable connection - right click on the commection and remove/disable/activate.
  • Add node - Right click in the Work Area to access the context menu, where you can access the same nodes as those found in the Nodes menu.
  • Zoom in or out of the Work Area - Use the middle mouse wheel.
  • Move the Work Area - Click and drag the work area to move it around.

4. Material Graph Properties

The Material Properties dialog shows the associated properties for the current node being edited - similar to the Material tab in the Project window but with the option to change node type.

5. Material Graph Libraries

The Materials and Textures Library contains an organized thumbnail display of all the nodes available.

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