Workspaces allow you to select preset user interface (UI) arrangements or save your own custom arrangements of the KeyShot UI to best suit the way you work. Workspaces remember window dock state, position and size, Library and Project tab order, tab visibility, torn-off tab state, Toolbar and Ribbon position and Ribbon icon visibility.

Using Workspaces

The Ribbon at the top of the KeyShot UI now contains a dropdown menu at the far left where you can select, add, and manage Workspaces. To create your own custom Workspace make adjustments to any of the items mentioned above, click the Workspaces dropdown and select Add… to launch a name entry field and save. To save changes to an existing Workspace click Apply Changes… To adjust display order, import, export, or delete Workspaces click Manage...

Theme Options

KeyShot has both light and dark theme options. From the Workspace dropdown, select Light Theme or Dark Theme.

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