Navigating Your Scene

The following explains how to use your mouse to change the view of your camera. It’s important to realize that the mouse is moving the camera and not the model, unlike a 3D modeling application. In other words, when you use Left Mouse Button (LMB) to rotate, the camera is rotating around the model.

To change the position of the models, see Moving Models and Parts.

The mouse is the main method for controlling the position and orientation of the camera. With it, you can rotate, pan and change distance

Camera Tumble (Rotate)
To tumble your camera, press and hold LMB while moving the mouse. This changes both the azimuth and inclination of the camera.

Camera Pan
To pan your camera press and hold the MMB while moving the mouse. This changes the position of the camera.

Camera Dolly (Distance)
To dolly your camera, roll the scroll wheel forward to increase distance or back to decrease distance. 

KeyShot also provides additional ways to navigate your scene and control your camera using the keyboard. 

Camera Dolly (Distance)
To dolly your camera, press Alt + RMB (Windows/Mac) while moving the mouse. This changes the Distance of your camera.

Camera Perspective
To change camera perspective, press Shift, Alt + RMB (Windows/Mac). This will adjust Distance, Perspective/Focal Length and Field of View.

Camera Twist
To twist the camera, press Ctrl, Alt + Wheel (Windows) or ⌘, Alt + Wheel (Mac). 

Standard Views
To cycle through the standard view (front, back, left, right, top, bottom, isometric select Ctrl, Alt + 1-7 (Windows) or ⌘, Alt + 1-7 (Mac)

Focal Length
To change Focal Length press Alt + Wheel (Windows/Mac). This will adjust Perspective/Focal Length and Field of View.

Set Camera Target
To quickly center the camera on an area, select Ctrl, Alt + RMB (Windows) or ⌘, Alt + RMB (Mac).

Next Camera/Viewset
To toggle through cameras and viewsets, press Shift + N. 

Toggle DOF
To toggle Depth of Field (DOF) press D.

All KeyShot hotkeys can be seen here.

Basic touch controls allow you to orient the camera on touch-enabled devices. 

  • 1 Finger – Tumble camera
  • 2 Finger Pinch – Zoom
  • 3 Finger Drag – Pan
  • 5 Finger Touch – Reset camera

Learn more about multi-touch input here.

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