Depth of Field

Depth of Field allows you to set the focus distance and the f-stop of the camera just like you would with a regular camera.

To enable the depth of field, go to Project → Camera and click on the Depth of Field check box, or hit the D hotkey. Once enabled you can either use the Select Focal Point button or use the manual values to set the focal distance.

Select Focal Point

By clicking on the Select Focal Point button you can then click on any part of the real-time view and KeyShot will focus on that point and blur out rest of the scene in accordance with the F-stop.

Focus distance

The distance from the camera to where the image is the sharpest.


Adjusts the virtual aperture of the camera. This determines the extent of the area that is "in focus".

High F-stop values will produce the deepest images, while smaller f-stop values result in more shallow images, where the front/background are blurred.


When Depth of field is enabled, turn on the Geometry View to see a visual representation of Focus Distance and F-stop.

Depth of field is only used with Perspective, orthographic or shift lenses.

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