Network Rendering

KeyShot Network Rendering allows you to connect multiple computer systems in your office network and utilize the available hardware to reduce rendering times significantly. In fact, the correlation between render time and number of cores in your network is approximately linear and inversely proportional. In other words, by doubling the number of cores you potentially cut your render time in half.* In addition, rendering over the network is convenient. You may continue working in KeyShot or any other application without slowing down your system while the designated rendering stations process your render “jobs”.

The KeyShot Network Rendering software is compatible with Mac and PC systems.

The more cores you have, the faster your images and animations will render.**

* Please note that this is an approximation under optimal conditions.  Render times are subject to hardware specs, core count differences between slaves, scene complexity, unit of time, multi-tasking, and network traffic.

** Please note that Luxion does not sell or rent cores. All computer hardware (i.e. processor cores) is provided by the customer.

More on KeyShot Network Rendering and Network Rendering Installation can be found in the KeyShot 8 Network Rendering Manual.

View KeyShot 8 Network Rendering Manual