Working with Animations

Animations are represented with nodes in the timeline and labeled according to the name set in the animation properties. When an animation node is clicked in the timeline, the properties will be displayed.

Animations can be shifted in time and scaled interactively to control timing and duration.

Groups of animations can be consolidated in a single folder for organization. These folders can also be scaled and shifted to control timing and duration.


You can grab and drag the Current time indicator back/forward to the place in the animation you wish to see.

With the 2 left/right facing triangle handles you can limit the Work Area (the time span you want to animate), the Start/End time of the Work Area can also be set by right-clicking in the timeline ruler.

Managing Animations

Animation management utilities can be found by right-clicking on animations in the animation list. To change the animation order or to move an animation into an existing folder, click and drag the animation. To multi-select animations, hold CTRL (PC) or Command (Mac) while selecting multiple nodes.

Add Folder
Right-click on a blank area in the animation list to display this option.

To duplicate an animation or animations, right-click on the animation(s) you would like to copy and select Duplicate.

Right-click on the animation(s) you would like to have a reverse duplicate animation of. This is useful for exploded view animations and for situations where you need to have the animation end where it began, such as for a looping video.

This will lock/unlock the current animation node, this means that the animation is still visible but can not be edited. Locked nodes appear with a color a shade lighter that the unlocked nodes.

Deactivates/activates the current node. This is the same as toggling the checkbox in front of the node name.

Hide and lock
Deactivates and locks the current node

Show only
Deactivates all other camera or part animations.

This will let you rename the current node, without going through the properties.

Select this option to delete one or more animations from the timeline.

Animation Properties

Selecting an animation will display its properties on the right side of the Animation window. These settings are the same used when creating an animation via the Animation Wizard. You may change all existing animation settings as well as the name of the animation in the animation properties. See the Animation Types for detailed descriptions

If the Animation window is docked, or if you are using the window with a short window, you can collapse sections of the properties to see the parameters that are most useful to you at that time.

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