Image Styles

Image Style allow you to add non-destructive image adjustments to your scene and see the result instantly. The Image Style adjustments include tone, curve, color and image effect settings that can be applied and seen in the Real-time View or render output window.

Image Style List

The Image Style list allows you to add an unlimited of Image Style variations. Additionally, when setting up Studios, you can combine them with Cameras, Environments, Model Sets and Multi-Materials.

Image Style Types

KeyShot has two types of Image Styles:

Both Image Style types have options for Bloom, Vignette, and Chromatic Aberration.

Previous Versions

  • Basic Image Style is almost identical to the Image Adjustments and Image Effects options in previous versions of KeyShot. If you open a scene from a previous version with Image Adjustments/Effects they will be added as a Basic Image Style.

How Image Styles Are Applied

Image Styles are applied in two ways. First, they can be set up in real-time and seen in the Real-time View as you work. When rendering, they are applied post-process (after the rendering), so they will not affect render performance or time. This also means that render previews in Network Rendering will not show the Image style adjustments